Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~j.o.u.r.n.a.l.i.n.g~ (+.+)(-.-)(_ _) ..zzZZ

tepat kul 10
daku tiba dgn ceria...
harus mulakan pembacaan jurnal ye...
ayuh!mulakan!~gabate ne!

after 5 mins...
(_ _)

after 15 mins...
(_ _) ...zzZZ
"i can't stand anymore.."

knapa kita mngantuk bila journaling?~
in bahasa sopan...

why do i feel sleepy?

"It could be a heart rate or blood pressure problem my dear, or a sign of sleep deprivation, general fatigue prior to exercising, or some antidepressants"
sgt menakutkan kot...so sleepy is problem k...
abis tu...why do i yawn?

"So, yawning my dear...it is a normal stretching mechanism. Its similar to stretching other muscles in the body. Normally we stretch when we feel we need to. Our muscles contract and squeeze the blood in the veins which is poor in oxygen and have it replaced by new oxygenated blood giving us a feeling of renewal. That isnt the only reason why we yawn obviously. Its also a contagious phenomenon, which hints at a strong psychological effect"

~contagious!!! dats d word! kna jangkit dgn my labmet yg asik mnguap dr td...huhu!


aku adalah sgt malas...*pemalas sungguh hg ni!!haiz!!!

~cute sungguh menguap~

1 comment:

hurly-burly-promulgate said...

aku pon mengalami pekara yg sama..uhu..

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