Monday, January 3, 2011


aiyarkkk...dah lmbt oooo`~`

hari ke 3 dlm thn 2011...hmm, still not too late nah.hehe!~ hepi new year ken-kwn!~
~ jom kita buat new year questionnaire, jom!~

1. What did you do last year that you've never done before?
hmm... i got interviewd for 2 times for my fellowship...hard tho...(I hate interview)
hooo!~ada lg, sy berenang!~hehe..(sapa kata aku xleh huh?)

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for this year?
slalunya begitulah, mcm akaun, baki di bawa ke hadapan, hehe!~

3. Any new births last year?
ada! ada!~ anak abg mat n k.nik (fatin), anak pison n farah, anak ba'mel n ayuni, anak yus (naylee orked), anak zigha (suci)...ada lg, xingat... :p

4. Did anyone close to you die?
....xdak kot...

5. What countries did you visit last year?
...sedey...xde! jgn tnya lg

6. What would you like to have in this year that you lacked last year?
Financial security, publish paper, lose weight, new phone...hehe!~

7. What date from last year will remain etched upon your memory - and why?
15 jan - registration MSc
10-12 dec - oral presentation for ICNP conference
bezday seluruh famili n oso kwn2....tq FB!

8. What was your biggest achievement for 2010?
hmm...tuh, oral presenter utk ICNP :)

9. What was your biggest failure for 2010?
xleh publish paper lg, lack of collection data...

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
dmm skit2 biasala, tp tahun 2010, tahun kerap dmm...

11. What was the best thing you bought last year?
best thing....external hard disk...broadband... fulus xberapa nk ada, hehe!

12. Where did most of your money go this year?
fuel, rent, bills,!ngeh3x!~

13. What did you get really, really, really excited about last year?
new frens...definitely!~

14. Compared to this time last year, are you:
- happier or sadder? Happier
- richer or poorer? ..hmm..moderate
- thinner or fatter? absolutely...fatter, haha!~

15. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I wish I had travelled more...hmm, betoy...

16. What do you wish you'd done less of?
I wish I had worried less...stress tau...

17. Did you fall in love last year?
...i wish this year...ok!next question plez...

18. What was your favorite TV program for 2010?
CSI, criminal mind, grey anatomy, miami medical...n many more

19. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate last year?
letih haih benci kat org ni...buat sakit otak ja

20. What was the best book you read last year?
jaja n din by noor suraya, 3x kot baca

21. What was your favorite film of 2010?
hoo!~ byk, camna nih heri potter,avatar, adnan sempit, percy jackson,twilight saga...ala, kna
pilih ke?

22. How would you describe your personal fashion concept last year?
biasa ja...gaya tudung ada ubah skit kot, pakai shawl skrg, *wink

23. Whom did you miss last year?
I missed 8-10's hmets (jess, izyan, intan, husna, wani, ena, nurul)
I missed all grup Bs (Z, norlin, shaz, umi, intan, huda,azma,azmi, scott, jay,amy, rudy plus
I missed all xsophers...(ramai sgt..)

24. Who was the best new person you met last year? frens (feroz, iati, erin, linda, sara, juju, li ren) lab-mets (maizan, k.zu, farah, nurul, nadia, joe, jihah...nisa, dayah)

25. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned for last year.
I learnt that time is free, but it's priceless
I learnt that money can't buy happiness...but still, when u go shopping, u need money, hehe!
I learnt that dieting is not working for me, haha!~

~My 10 wish list for 2011~
1. mkn oat tiap2 pg...nk jg jantung
2.bc quran tiap kali after maghrib
3. nk publish paper....nk abiskan master cpt2
4. nk aktif blogging balik...mcm ssh jek...try, try!
5.nk beli phone baru, phone skrg dh ngok-ngek
6. nk kuruskan bdn, opps...nk jaga kesihatan, yes! jg kesihatan.
7.nk jd anak baek, kakak baek, kwn baek, smua terbaek lah
8.nk jd sorg penjimat, maka harus berjimat
9.nk cr duit byk2...maka berbiznes kah?
10.last...nk try bukak-hati, hoho!~ apakah iteww...*gatai

hopefully xjd camni la d hujung tahun 2011, hehe!~
~ year 2010~ s.w.e.e.t oohhh ^_^

wit luf


* MissYaniAbdullah * said...

mari kita pakat3 kuruskan badan..

oh yeah..hahaha

~naddy~ said...

ayuh!~hehe~ kita start dgn xmkn mlm, o yeah! (huuuuu....lapar nnti camna...)

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